What Projects Should Adriel Nation Focus On?

Adriel Nation has two key focuses: promoting emerging technologies for improving democracy and self governance (Gov 2.0 Radio, NationBuilder, civic tech events and more); and using social networks to create awareness of and raise funds for organizations doing social good.

Do you have other focuses to suggest or people, projects or organizations we should be promoting?

(Photo is from the Change.org San Francisco HQ)

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Event Preview Smackdown 24th match

Smackdown Preview The latest stop on The Road to WrestleMania 32 lands in Boston as SmackDown plays host to a potentially volatile confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose, a huge showdown between Divas Champion Charlotte and Sasha Banks and much more.WWE Smackdown 3/24/16 Match Card Are Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose’s paths collide in Boston Will Sasha Banks make a statement in her match against Charlotte? Kevin Owens’ tag team turmoil Trouble in ‘Beantown’ for Kofi Kingston and The New Day? Will Roman Reigns pave a path of destruction through SmackDown? A pretty phenomenal showdown

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Let's share content

that's a good idea

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Fundraising Inquiry

We are currently perplexed about our campaign on Indiegogo's site. The campaign is about seeking online for our project: "Help Educate Villagers to Prevent Ebola". Since the campaign was pitched on the site, our friends turned their backs on us, a penny hasn't been contributed to the campaign. This is disgusting and frustrating. Is there a way that you can help? Link to the campaign is at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-educate-villagers-to-prevent-ebola-infection/x/8694104. Our organization, Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation or LICORPA, is a local Liberian Registered non-governmental organization. LICORPA was established in May 2009 by professional Liberians of multidisciplinary backgrounds, and it's dedicated to catalyzing transformation in rural communities in Liberia. We work with individuals and families trapped in poverty and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases by providing business and empowerment training, micro loans and early childhood care and development(ECCD) services. Although we don't have website, but you view some of activities from our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberian-Council-on-Rural-Poverty-AlleviationLICORPA/305644992787653

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Participatory Democracy

My previous attempt to explain how we, in Alanna Hartzok's campaign for Congress in PA's 9th District, would like to see participatory democracy supported, was interrupted due to an errant keystroke. (That shouldn't be able to happen.) Here, it is continued. My idea is that each constituent would be represented by a unique profile on the website. The constituent would be able to visit and update the contents of his/her profile at will. In this profile, the constituent would be able to express his/her preference on a variety of issues, which may or may not be the subject of current legislative initiatives. There would be a constituent forum for each issue, and the constituent might want to change his/her 'vote' on a particular issue, depending on how the opinions are expressed by different constituents, or by the Congresswoman, as the debate develops. On any issue, the consituent could indicate 'For' or 'Against' or 'Not Decided Yet' or 'No Entry (default)' The constituent also could provide a notation indicating any qualifications in his/her position, etc. Occasionally or periodically, the 'votes' would be tallied by an application on the server to provide the Congresswoman with a real-time indication of how the constituency feels about an issue that may come before the Congress or be the subject of an actual bill. I believe it would not be very difficult to put something like this in place as part of NationBuilder, since there is already access to voter rolls to define membership in the constituency.

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Smaller, lighter tools for nonprofits

I'm a nonprofit advocacy guy -- PIRG, Sierra Club. There's a huge need for tools that small to medium sized nonprofits can use to help them with backend operations. Eg, member databases -- Salsa et al are very expensive and deployment costs are high for small group. Or financial mangement -- Quickbooks is also expensive. Even basic IT tasks. 

There's a lot of activity around nonprofit software and tech tools. It seems focused on how to use technology to *add* to what nonprofits are doing, which is great. There is an equal or greater need for tools to help nonprofits make their core business operations more efficient and robust, and a need to educate staffers on the tools that already exist. How many nonprofit people know about GIMP? 

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FOUNDUPS® OCCUPY Global Solution - "Changing the World Together"

EVERY problem listed on this page has a root cause and that is the "evil" selfish corporation. 

FOUNDUPS® is the World's first Open Corp™ and by December 2015 we aim to have launched 100K+ Open Corps using O!F. What is an Open Corp™ or "People's Corp?" 

  • 100% real time financially transparent to stakeholder (NO corporation currently is.; not even NGOs or NPOs... why?)
  • Invests 20%-80% into launching NEW startups (foundups) that become Open Corps (this removes the need for 1%ers or institutional investors. VC and angels)
  • ISO 26000 responsible - CEO responsible meeting the ISO guidelines set forth and accountable to the Greater Stakeholders
  • Employee owned - The Trustee and Employees are known as the Lesser Stakeholders. Trustees put forth changes and lesser stakeholders approve amendments and changes to the corporate charters. CEO nominated by Chair and approved by Trustees. Tustees are nominated by lesser stakeholders once every 5 years. 
  • CEO Vote of confidence - Once every 5 years CEO & Chairman must win the vote of confidence from its Greater stakeholders. ANYONE impacted by the open corp is a greater stakeholder. 

FOUNDUPS® has a complete framework called the Open !ncubator Framework (O!F) for launching ideas into startups. O!F is highly scalable 2 Open Corps, will spawn 4,  that yeild 8, 16...,  32..., 64..., 128..., 256..., 512..., 1024..., 2048..., etc, Open Corp's will spread extremely rapidly and O!F is open to anyone and free. 

Check us out on Foundup.org Please email for information how you can join. 


FOUNDUPS® Michael J. Trout, CEO

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Rebuild America

Global leaders come and go in ever shorter cycles. UK in 1900, Rome in 1500, Persia 600, Greece in 200 BC, Egypt in 1,000 B.C. A few typical characteristics:

1) Our world grows in complexity - the respective governments didn't

2) Leadership was reached through innovation - But it slows down and stopped because saturated politicians and business owners control the speed of innovation.

3) The key support systems of a thriving society include Education, Investment in Innovation, Leading transportation systems (nowdays including data) and a culture of competitiveness.

The US leadership began to vanish away with the beginning of the Bush era, investing over Trillion dollar into wars. It is lost today to central Europe and Australia.

Rebuilding America may not be possible as it may be just the cyles of societies. But if we don't try - we never know.

What need to be done?
* Creating a comprehensive program that does not "overthrow" a government or "fight" the establishment but involve the larger part of the society and work WITH government and established capitalists.

* Rethink the key necessities of leadership, success and progress on a macro economic level - definig reachable goals for a 25 year period.

* Winning influential leaders, thinker, business people, engineers, who volunteer to "rebuild america" despite the fact they are terribly busy, but understand that they are needed to get this society back on track.


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Nonprofits in DC I'm helping through Social Media

There are numerous nonprofits I am working with in the next few months that could use the assistance of social media savvy users for tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ sharing. The CSAAC.org has asked for my help as the social media chair for the annual gala . I need volunteers to tweet now and up to the night of the event to get donations through Twitter. They are also looking for a mobile app to accept donations so people can tweet a number to make donations. Current options they have reviewed cost more than their budget can allow for a nonprofit. If interested in donating tweets to help me on the social media side from now through Nov 11th, please contact me on @Nakeva.

I will also be working with @PixelProject for a photography locally but need photographers from everywhere to join in and participate in their local town. Take a portrait session, charge a discounted fee and at minimum, donate $10 to Pixel Project and/or a local nonprofit of the same type. Let me know on @Nakeva if interested.

Also working with UNHCR and the #BlueKey project. A $5 purchase of a blue key pendant and an option to join the ranks of the #BlueKey Champions would be awesome! They need blog posts, videos, tweets etc. using the hashtag. Purchases are small donations and will go to their programs helping refugees. There is a sign up and I can get anyone started. Again contact me on @Nakeva.

Social media for social good is great when backed by an enthusastic and engaged community. Your help and suggestions are welcome!

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Do Not Track Us

Kyle Daley: America Needs Its Very Own Tron - Do Not Track Legislation Needed via San Diego Union Tribune

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Organize around key elements of life- example:


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Grassroots community involvement and volunteering

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Acquisition 2.0

Check out the great work CAPT Dan Taylor of the Coast Guard is doing to execute Acquisition 2.0 concepts in current procurement activities. He is active on GovLoop and Twitter

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Please help to promote LexPop

Would be great to see a few wikibills promoted and a few policy drives in California, with support from our elected officials:


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Encourage free markets in thought and economics, empowering individuals

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Not sure what you mean by self governance, but understanding the effectiveness of these technologies is important not just what they are.

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