Participatory Democracy

My previous attempt to explain how we, in Alanna Hartzok's campaign for Congress in PA's 9th District, would like to see participatory democracy supported, was interrupted due to an errant keystroke. (That shouldn't be able to happen.) Here, it is continued. My idea is that each constituent would be represented by a unique profile on the website. The constituent would be able to visit and update the contents of his/her profile at will. In this profile, the constituent would be able to express his/her preference on a variety of issues, which may or may not be the subject of current legislative initiatives. There would be a constituent forum for each issue, and the constituent might want to change his/her 'vote' on a particular issue, depending on how the opinions are expressed by different constituents, or by the Congresswoman, as the debate develops. On any issue, the consituent could indicate 'For' or 'Against' or 'Not Decided Yet' or 'No Entry (default)' The constituent also could provide a notation indicating any qualifications in his/her position, etc. Occasionally or periodically, the 'votes' would be tallied by an application on the server to provide the Congresswoman with a real-time indication of how the constituency feels about an issue that may come before the Congress or be the subject of an actual bill. I believe it would not be very difficult to put something like this in place as part of NationBuilder, since there is already access to voter rolls to define membership in the constituency.

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  • Lance Lessler posted about this on 2014-05-03 21:43:59 -0400
    Suggestions: Participatory Democracy
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