Rebuild America

Global leaders come and go in ever shorter cycles. UK in 1900, Rome in 1500, Persia 600, Greece in 200 BC, Egypt in 1,000 B.C. A few typical characteristics:

1) Our world grows in complexity - the respective governments didn't

2) Leadership was reached through innovation - But it slows down and stopped because saturated politicians and business owners control the speed of innovation.

3) The key support systems of a thriving society include Education, Investment in Innovation, Leading transportation systems (nowdays including data) and a culture of competitiveness.

The US leadership began to vanish away with the beginning of the Bush era, investing over Trillion dollar into wars. It is lost today to central Europe and Australia.

Rebuilding America may not be possible as it may be just the cyles of societies. But if we don't try - we never know.

What need to be done?
* Creating a comprehensive program that does not "overthrow" a government or "fight" the establishment but involve the larger part of the society and work WITH government and established capitalists.

* Rethink the key necessities of leadership, success and progress on a macro economic level - definig reachable goals for a 25 year period.

* Winning influential leaders, thinker, business people, engineers, who volunteer to "rebuild america" despite the fact they are terribly busy, but understand that they are needed to get this society back on track.


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