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    Fundraising Inquiry

    We are currently perplexed about our campaign on Indiegogo's site. The campaign is about seeking online for our project: "Help Educate Villagers to Prevent Ebola". Since the campaign was pitched on the site, our friends turned their backs on us, a penny hasn't been contributed to the campaign. This is disgusting and frustrating. Is there a way that you can help? Link to the campaign is at: Our organization, Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation or LICORPA, is a local Liberian Registered non-governmental organization. LICORPA was established in May 2009 by professional Liberians of multidisciplinary backgrounds, and it's dedicated to catalyzing transformation in rural communities in Liberia. We work with individuals and families trapped in poverty and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases by providing business and empowerment training, micro loans and early childhood care and development(ECCD) services. Although we don't have website, but you view some of activities from our Facebook page at:

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Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation is a local Liberian non-profit organization established to lift the poor out of poverty.
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