FOUNDUPS® OCCUPY Global Solution - "Changing the World Together"

EVERY problem listed on this page has a root cause and that is the "evil" selfish corporation. 

FOUNDUPS® is the World's first Open Corp™ and by December 2015 we aim to have launched 100K+ Open Corps using O!F. What is an Open Corp™ or "People's Corp?" 

  • 100% real time financially transparent to stakeholder (NO corporation currently is.; not even NGOs or NPOs... why?)
  • Invests 20%-80% into launching NEW startups (foundups) that become Open Corps (this removes the need for 1%ers or institutional investors. VC and angels)
  • ISO 26000 responsible - CEO responsible meeting the ISO guidelines set forth and accountable to the Greater Stakeholders
  • Employee owned - The Trustee and Employees are known as the Lesser Stakeholders. Trustees put forth changes and lesser stakeholders approve amendments and changes to the corporate charters. CEO nominated by Chair and approved by Trustees. Tustees are nominated by lesser stakeholders once every 5 years. 
  • CEO Vote of confidence - Once every 5 years CEO & Chairman must win the vote of confidence from its Greater stakeholders. ANYONE impacted by the open corp is a greater stakeholder. 

FOUNDUPS® has a complete framework called the Open !ncubator Framework (O!F) for launching ideas into startups. O!F is highly scalable 2 Open Corps, will spawn 4,  that yeild 8, 16...,  32..., 64..., 128..., 256..., 512..., 1024..., 2048..., etc, Open Corp's will spread extremely rapidly and O!F is open to anyone and free. 

Check us out on Please email for information how you can join. 


FOUNDUPS® Michael J. Trout, CEO

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    thanks Stefano. I have been working on this idea for 2 years now and now trying to launch it and bring awareness to it. Please tweet and share!
  • Stefano Bossi commented 2011-11-04 00:30:20 -0400
    Sounds like a great idea!
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