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Update May 31, 2012:

This bill, SB 1002, passsed 34-0 out of the California Senate today! Here is the statement from Sen. Leland Yee, the bill's author.
"The Senate Appropriations committee today recognized the need for government agencies to deliver information to the public in an efficient, modern format," said Jim Ewert, General Counsel for the California Newspaper Publishers Association. "SB 1002 will set the benchmark for transparency and government oversight in the 21st century."

UPDATE Feb. 7, 2012:

Sen. Yee's office is working on SB 1002 and the language is still in draft. Open government and open data advocates are encouraged to comment, and I am helping organizing a meeting with the Senator for the week of Feb. 20 in San Francisco.

Here's the FAQ on SB 1002 (pdf)

And here's the draft bill text for SB 1002 (pdf)

Comments meant for official consideration should be directed to Alicia Lewis, 


Open data in San Francisco, the state of California, and throughout much of the U.S. and the world remains hobbled by a lack of legal definition. San Francisco's own open data law, for example, is posted online by the Board of Supervisors as a non-searchable PDF. On December 10-11, at the winter CityCampSF Hackathon, Gov 2.0 advocates will publicly launch an advocacy campaign to institute an open data standard in San Francisco municipal and California state law. The primary goal of this advocacy will be to achieve a clear and reasonable definition of open data for all materials required by law to be published online.

Please join us in endorsing this advocacy campaign, and encourage your friends and legislators to sign on as well.

Use our recruiting tools to rally your friends to this important cause.

For more backgound on open data laws, check out Civic Commons - Data Policy Policy; and Open Standards Policy.

For another definition of open data online that we will consider, see the CityCamp model Open Government directive, which describes open data as being published online in an "open format that can be retrieved, downloaded, indexed, sorted, searched, and reused by commonly used Web search applications and commonly used software."

This legislation should also encompass the goals of increased transparency in responses to SF Sunshine Ordinance requests and California Public Records Act requests - documents released in an electronic format after implementation of this ordinance would have to follow its standards of accessibility.

Machine-readability: Data should be published in structured formats easily processed by machines/software.

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    Awesome support for the SF/CA standards campaign! Launching at the @ Hackathon Dec. 10-11. Sign on!
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    SF and California need a meaningful legal definition of . Join the campaign!
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    Open data makes citizens better informed and better able to makle wise decisions on social and governmental issues
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    SF and California need a meaningful legal definition of . Join the campaign!
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    Please allow so that data is not misused and misinterpted, by using the structured formats it allows ease of use and convenience for all citizens.
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    Two more to go for tonight's goal!
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    SF and California need a meaningful legal definition of . Join the campaign!
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    Sadly, San Francisco’s efforts have been half-hearted at best. For example, one “open data” dataset I used to use was only posted as a Microsoft Access database that was only accessible after accepting a licensing agreement, and then they stopped updating the dataset altogether.
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    Structured Open Data Campaign - Adriel Nation
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    Corex: 9... RT @: 10 endorsements to go for today's goal! Support in SF and CA
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    SF and California need a meaningful legal definition of . Join the campaign!
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    35 signatures since this afternoon - sign on to support structured !
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