Simeon Beresford

  • commented on Google+, Identity and The Corporation: The Second Life Purge 2011-07-17 21:09:26 -0400
    nods a well known avatar says “, I have a Mastercard on the name of “Gwyneth Llewelyn”, which is perfectly valid, legitimate, and is accepted anywhere in the world.”.

    and she lives in Portugal a country that does not allow you to change your name to anything that is not portuguese , The laws of UK Australia Canada and the USA of course allow you to call yourself anything you want provided there is no intent to do something illegal. i cant see that getting a credit card in that name would be so difficult.

    I remember when I was started working where I am now we had to give our names for government clearance and one of the other applicants was asked a week later to fill in a form saying that he wanted his pay to go to to himself because government records showed he a man in his fifties looked blank he had no idea that he had a different name on his birth certificate. And signed his usual name on the form saying he wanted the money paid to his usual name.
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