Dawn Dawson

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    Support my work on Gov 2.0 Radio and emerging technologies for democracy.


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    We Love The [X] Bar!

    The [X] Bar is a community of Empire Avenue fans spread out across a number of prominent social networks. We're happy to share our obsession :)

    I support the [X] Bar community because it helps bring together Empire Avenue fans across social networks to support each other and bring a depth to the connections forged on the social media stock market. Long live [X] Bar!


  • commented on Identity+: When Corporations and the Social Mob Determine Who You Can Be 2011-07-19 04:54:38 -0400
    I am “Northlandfox” and even on my Twitter profile the URL goes directly to my Facebook page plus you can find me on LinkedIn. Nothing hidden, it’s branding, I’m also often blocked and reported as spam esp by Gov entities primarily on Twitter, told I need to grow up : ), despite my impressive resume and being a known authority, many still won’t associate or engage with me, reflective of society and life is more what I say.
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    Birthday well wishes from Missouri and the Northlandfox! May good health and success follow you on your life journey . . .
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