Top Eight Posts: Me, Nicknames, Chris and Facebook

photo_091308_002Wanted to share with you a quick rundown of what WordPress tells me are my popular posts, with a few new thoughts. If you've not read these yet, or if you have, I'd love to know what you think, and what you'd like to see more of.

#1 Who is Adriel? I'm happy to report that this is the most clicked post on my page. It tells me the Web is social, and that you care who is writing what you are reading. That leads to the second most popular post.

#2 Nickname? Lose it. This most-commented post gives my brief thoughts on how Web nicknames can be a barrier to mainstream acceptance of Web 2.0 ideas and ideals, especially in a Government 2.0 context.

#3 Six Stages of Chris Brogan. Chris Brogan is perhaps the Number 1 blogger out there, for my money. I discuss the ways I've interacted with him on Twitter, and why you should know him, too. Writing about Chris Brogan is a great way to build traffic, by the way.

#4 Gov 2.0 is a Leveler, or it is Nothing. I was also really happy to see this post grab some traction. This blog is ostensibly about Government 2.0, and this post was really my response to use of the term "goverati" to describe Web 2.0 advocates in government. It is my firm believe that 2.0 technologies and ideals should be used to promote equal rights of citizens, not to set up a new class of experts.

#5 FAQ. That page post became popular only when I promoted it on Twitter, but plenty of people do seem to be interested in learning more about Government 2.0, social media and the future of journalism, is what this Q&A covers. Please, add your questions and knowledge here!

#6 If You Link Your Statuses, Will Your Friends Still Love You? This and the final two in the top eight are posts basically about Facebook. They are hot in searches that lead to my blog. Here, I discuss my opinion of why you should not link your Twitter updates to Facebook.

#7 I posit it has to do with the more open culture of Twitter (one of the popular posts floating around about Facebook has to do with "100 privacy settings").

#8 This post describes some of the differences between these two features, and some of the reasoning behind why I rarely if ever join new Facebook groups. It should be helpful for practitioners.

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