Goodbye Facebook, You Landline of the Internet

Leaving Facebook has kind of become routine for me. I really despise the social network and its crass commodification of interpersonal communication. Quitting Facebook is also a great way to reset its mind-bending newsfeed. Yet it keeps sucking me back - for an easy connection to my family, for posts from my friends from former cities, for logins to my favorite sites and apps. It reminds me of birthdays.

But like cable TV and the landline phone, it's time to drop this utility.

See, between a high, solid wall and the egg that breaks against it, I will always stand on the side of the egg. So  is this time my impetus for leaving. It also helps that one of the most productive, empathetic and amazing people I work with and call a friend lives successfully without Facebook (really, when you're a social media junkie, this is how seriously you think about a decision like this). 

I've also watched the rise of chat apps with great interest. If you want to reach me on WeChat, Line, Viber or WhatsApp (this isn't a Facebook corporate boycott, this is a rejection of the Facebook product), or even call or text me, my cell phone number is 925-895-3744. And I'm almost everywhere, as adrielhampton or adrielh: on Skype, Ello, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. Or just email me at adriel@ or

My life is on the internet, and it's mine. Fuck a fake friend, Facebook.

And, a little history:

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See you around.

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